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Heather Searl

Growing up I had the usual childhood dreams, standard teenage angst, good parents, enough to eat, clothes to wear.

When I graduated from university and I packed away the teenage dreams of working in a flower shop, wearing long flowy hippie-chick skirts, and living in a garret writing the next great Canadian novel.

I thought it was time to act like a grown up and get a job, so I became a technical writer. (Which by the way, is the one job I’d vowed to never ever ever do.)

I was good at my job and spent the next umpteen years growing my career, moving up through company after company and being fairly successful at it all. (Yup, woe is me.)

But as time went on, I was unhappy more and more often. Something was missing, I felt that I wasn’t on the right path. It became more and more of a struggle to manage family, work and home.

One tearful November evening I sat in front of my computer and completed every “Am I depressed” quiz I could find on the internet and the results were all the same — I wasn’t depressed, but in the “seriously at risk” category.

1, 2, 3 . . . Change

So I googled and then hired a life coach, having no idea what a life coach was. I expected her to teach me to multitask better and be the super-mom that I thought everyone else was. (Yes, I thought multitasking was the holy grail of success back then).

But multitasking wasn’t on her agenda.

Instead she taught me an entirely new way of thinking and looking at life.  She slowly introduced me to icky, airy-fairy, new-agey, crystally-crap ideas like mindfulness, living in the present, true self, ego, personal spirituality and more.

As we started to talk, I spent a lot of time telling her I had no idea what she was talking about, and that her ideas were just a bit too far out there for me. But she gradually opened my eyes to a totally new way of looking at life.

What I write about here are my experiences as I slowly awaken to a different way of approaching life. An approach that I dismissed as new-agey crap for years. But now I embrace it in all of its airy-fairy goodness, picking through it to find ideas and practices that feel right for me as I try to live my life as authentically as I can.

Irrelevant Things About Me

  • I read everything (cereal boxes are my favourite)
  • I love bad puns
  • I believe that all writers get to make up words (I’m kinda fond of crystally-crap after writing this page)


Gratuitous Self Plug

I’m also a freelance writer. I love to write about personal development topics, but I’m also very good at taking techno-babble ideas and writing words that normal people can understand. (It’s all those years as a technical writer paying off.)

If you are looking for a writer check out some of the other stuff I do over at commconsulting.com.


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