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‘Cause a Girl’s Gotta Pay the Bills

I love working on Authentic Gecko because I love putting ideas into words that might touch someone in a positive way.

I’d love to put my passion for writing to work helping you reach your audience.

Let Me Help You…

Give me a shout if you’re looking for some help with any of the following:

  • Blogs and Newsletters: It’s fantastic that your business is growing. But if that also means it’s hard to find time to keep up with your blog or newsletter, and you could use a little help, let me know. I’d be happy to pitch in.
  • Marketing Materials: Do you need a new slogan, a kick-ass presentation or report? Maybe a direct mail piece? I’ve helped companies large and small with all of these and more.
  • eBooks: Do you have a great idea for an eBook but not the time to make it a reality? I can help you research, write and/or edit your eBook and make it something special.
  • Web Sites: Need some help getting your message across on your website? I can help you put together an awesome bio, or some great copy about your product or service.
  • White Papers and Technical Docs: Do you need a technical white paper written? Are you looking for a user’s guide for your product? I have tons of experience translating technical information into something that normal people can understand, and I’d love to help with your product.
  • Editing and Proofreading I know, you’ve got it almost done, but it’s been sitting around for weeks waiting for one more edit as soon as you find the time. Well pass it off to me and I’ll give it (whatever “it” is) the attention it deserves and make sure it’s word-perfect and ready for its world début.

My Creds

One of my high school English teachers told me it was difficult to mark my writing because I wrote so clearly that is was obvious when I was wrong. She said she gave other students the benefit of the doubt when she wasn’t sure what they were getting at so it seemed unfair to mark me down for my clarity.

I decided to take that as high praise and call myself a writer.

Since then I’ve gained extensive experience with:

  • Copy Writing: Presentations,  reports, marketing materials, tag lines, landing pages, and direct mail pieces — I’ve written them all.
  • Online writing: Writing for the computer screen is a different beast than writing for print. I blog here and at commconsulting.com, I’ve written web copy, and many help files.
  • Technical writing: I’ve written user’s guides, reference manuals tutorials, and quick reference guide everything from animation software and remote controls to mass spectrometers. I’ve also written proposals, requests for proposals, product concept documents, requirements documents and UI specifications.
  • Corporate communications: I’ve written newsletters, web content, customer profiles, bios and more.
  • Editing and proofreading: At various points in my career I’ve lead teams of writers, without an editor in sight except me. That honed my editing skills until they glowed.

To check out a bit more about what I do for money, hop on over to www.commconsulting.com or give me a shout using the form below.

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