54 Things I Believe

I believe in the power of sunny days, warm breezes, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

I believe in the power of sunny days, warm breezes and the smell of fresh cut grass.

I believe in playing a goofy song really loud to brighten my mood.

I believe that vodka is a good thing. A very good thing.

I believe everyone should feel safe expressing who they are.

I believe in getting lost in a great book.

I believe in great friends.

I believe in the connection created between two people by great sex.

I believe in getting enough sleep — with exceptions made for great books, great friends and great sex.

I believe chocolate is the 5th and most essential food group.

I believe in saving swear words for when I really need them so that people pay attention when I say them.

I believe mindfulness is often a misunderstood word.

I believe everyone can meditate if they want to.

I believe in slowing down and taking it all in.

I believe in speeding up and trying everything.

I believe there is no contradiction in the previous two lines.

I believe garlic mashed potatoes are almost the perfect food.

I believe in bare feet and painted toe nails.

I believe in bare feet and painted toe nails.

I believe girls should not have sex hoping to get boys to like them — it won’t work.

I believe in relaxing with a good cup of tea.

I believe that sometimes we need a gentle push and sometimes we need a good boot to the ass.

I believe in spontaneous road trips.

I believe there is something for us to learn in every experience.

I believe in cold pizza for breakfast.

I believe in the law of attraction, but that The Secret got it wrong.

I believe in dreams.

I believe almost anything is possible if we are willing to do the work.

I believe it’s taking a long time to become the person I want to be but that the work is worth it.

I believe we should celebrate our differences.

I believe that you can buy some types of happiness.

I believe that writing down my feelings leads me to deeper truths.

I believe time spent laughing is time spent perfectly.

I believe tattoos can be art.

I believe in the rush I feel when I accomplish something I was afraid of doing.

I believe paying attention to the small details of the current moment can ground me and keep me centered.

I believe everyone should dance in the rain at least once.I believe everyone should dance in the rain at least once.

I believe a crisp sunny autumn day and a warm sweater are what happiness is made of.

I believe a dog greeting you at the door can lift your mood like nothing else.

I believe sunsets and sunrises were made to remind us of what an incredible planet we live on.

I believe a gentle breeze in the trees is the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon nap.

I believe the tone-on-tone greens of early summer are life affirming.

I believe Jon Bon Jovi is one of the sexiest men alive — after my husband of course.

I believe we all need to find some quirky way to express ourselves and our individuality.

I believe there are powers in the world that we can’t begin to understand.

I believe that listening is one of the greatest skills we can develop.

I believe wine is meant to be shared.

I believe fireflies create magical moments.

I believe it’s OK to get angry or upset, be sad or have an all around crappy day.

I believe we are all connected by some kind of life force or energy.

I believe young girls may be the meanest creatures on earth — but that they’ll still grow into wonderful women who can change the world.

I believe in following your gut instinct.

I believe in dancing to AC/DC in the living room with my kids and my dogs.

I believe we think too much.

I believe we take life for granted too often.

I believe this list is getting too long.

What do you believe? Share your beliefs in the comments below.

Girl in field photo by englishsnow

Toes photo by Sketchy

Dancing in the rain photo by he(art)geek



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4 comments on “54 Things I Believe

  1. I believe I really liked and agreed with everything on your list. Inspirational. Why is it so damn hard to do some of the things on your list, like sit and have a cup of tea without letting the mind wander off to all the things you “should” be doing? Oh, and I’m curious too: how did The Secret get it wrong?

    • Thank you Virginia.

      As for the Law of Attraction and The Secret, I have a whole post planned on that one. The short answer is that I think The Secret pretty much leaves out one key piece — do the work. I think the book oversimplifies a process and turns it into a magic bullet. And while everyone is looking for that magic bullet, I don’t think it exists.

      But more on that when I get around to writing that post.

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