Lazy Asses, Crazy Spiritual People and the Rest of Us

There’s no big (or small) lesson or exercise  in this week’s post.

There’s no self-indulgent story about me (or at least not much of one).

I’m just going to share something  that spoke to me. Something that had me cheering “Yah, I totally agree,” in my head.

I found a series of videos by comedian Kyle Cease, that I’m loving.  They aren’t comedy, though they are humourous they’re his views on life, living in the moment, letting go and the like and they’re awesome. I’ve linked to one called “The Balance Between Lazy Asses and Crazy Spiritual People” below.

In the video he talks about how there aren’t enough spiritual teachers for “the average person watching Nickleback videos” (that’d be me).  He says there are three types of people:

  • Bitter angry people who are mad at the world and doubt everything
  • Crazy spiritual people who change their names to Rainbow-mocca-sunshine; who hug you for to long; “talk to cactuses and put crystals on wizards;” and  seems to connect to something in the world the rest of us just don’t get
  • The people in the middle who want to grow, achieve more and be better people — who want to be like we were as kids believing anything is possible

OK, that maybe a colourful over-simplification. But you get his point, right? (By the way, Kyle is very clear that he thinks being any of these things is OK. It’s about doing what works for you.)

He also says there are two parts to you:

  • Part that lives creatively in the moment having a great time and that is constantly evolving
  • Part that is living in fear by remembering hurts and fears from the past and holding on to them

His point is that connecting with the first part of you is being spiritual and it doesn’t matter whether you relate that to God, the universe, intuition or something else.

He says that being spiritual is about not having as many rules, about not being mad about everything and it’s not about chastising people for swearing.

Oh Wait, This Post Really Is About Me

The video ends by asking why there aren’t more teachers out there for those of us in the middle. Teachers, for those of us that just want to grow, and be happy.

This sent a jolt of electricity (and/or ego-centric validation) through me because that is what I want Authentic Gecko to grow into over time — a place where people can share what they’ve learned about living happy, fulfilling and spiritual lives — no matter what their religious and spiritual beliefs are.

There are some great teachers of the past and present that we can turn to. People like the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle who wrote the Power of Now,and Rick Warren who wrote the Purpose Driven Life. There’s Byron Katie can teach us how to do “The Work,” and even Oprah Winfrey who brought these people and many more in thousands of homes.

Then there are people like Kyle Cease sharing what he’s learned with the platform he has.

But just as powerfully, there is all of us and what we’ve learned, what we know in our hearts and what we can learn from each other.

And that’s my lesson for this post. Don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned and what you know and be open to learning from others even if they don’t have the label of spiritual leader, self-help guru or life coach.

What do you think?

I’m going to watch a few more videos and continue enjoying the emotional high of finding another person who thinks like I do.  I’d love it if you’d check out this, or any of Kyle Cease’s other inspirational videos and share your thoughts in the comments below.



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